ACCESS Training

This 1 hour course is designed to introduce you to the Liberator trial scheme. It is designed for speech pathologists, but may be of interest to parents, carers, and other team members.

Completion of this course is a requirement to access our free, 3-week device trial scheme; it should be undertaken by the speech pathologist supporting the trial. If you have previously trialled a device through Liberator, you are not required to complete the course; however, we encourage you to explore the content. This course is also a prerequisite to Foundations training.


FOUNDATIONS comprises a set of 30-90min modules to teach you essential foundation knowledge for implementing AAC. This is not device operational training, but comprehensive AAC education, to help you at all stages of the AAC process.

We recommend starting with Module 1 and completing courses in order. The content is designed for speech pathologists, but may be of interest to all members of the AAC team. ACCESS Training is a prerequisite to the FOUNDATIONS modules. Individuals can obtain full Foundations Certification at their own pace via our on-demand modules. Please contact our Training Manager, Leanna Fox ( / 0424 662 728), to enquire about LIVE Foundations Certification for your team or organisation.