FOUNDATIONS training comprises a set of free, on-demand modules to teach you essential foundation knowledge for implementing AAC. This is not device operational training, but comprehensive AAC education, to help you at all stages of the AAC process.

Our free ACCESS Training is a prerequisite to the Foundations modules, and will help you to better understand the content of this course. We strongly recommend completing the FOUNDATIONS courses in order, starting with Module 1. The content is designed for speech pathologists, but may be of interest to all members of the AAC team. Visit our website to find out about LIVE FOUNDATIONS TRAINING for your organisation.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About this course

    • Learning outcomes

    • Summary, links & references

  • 2

    Setting up

    • You are here

    • Setting up and getting to know the device

    • Preparing and involving communication partners

  • 3

    Facilitating Language development with AAC

    • Supporting receptive understanding through Aided Language Stimulation

    • Supporting expressive language with motivation, expectation and prompting

    • Top tips for communication partners

  • 4

    Reviewing your goals

    • Introduction

    • Examples

  • 5

    Planning for Implementation

    • Words First

    • Activity First

    • Descriptive Teaching

  • 6

    Tools and resources

    • Smart charts

    • Vocabulary Masking

  • 7


    • Conclusion & Summary Download